Professional Reviews

Super Duper Lawyers says:

Sedor Wendlandt Evans & Filippi, LLC is definitely a law firm

Lawyers Review Quarterly raves:

You could do a lot worse

Regis Professional Ratings Service:

Good firm – but that name is a damn nightmare!

Road and Car Magazine writes:

We have no idea, we don’t rate law firms

What our clients say about using Sedor Wendlandt Evans & Filippi, LLC

Joe Charnut

Superintendent, Outer City School District

I was very pleased with their service, I just thought they would be taller.

Lisa Debonnier

Human Resources Director,
Fixit Inc.

Sedor Wendlandt Evans & Filippi was the firm the company was using when I got here. So I just kept on using them.

Joe Wallinkot

President & CEO,
Do-It-Yourself Sandblasting, Inc.

I am pretty sure those are the attorneys we use.