We take the law seriously, not ourselves.

Over the years our firm has built an identity centered on camaraderie and professionalism. We’re dedicated to providing our clients with superior representation and we take the law seriously, not ourselves. Look through our firm’s history and join us on our long and winding road.

Among the things that our firm bonds over is a common love of music. One set of our firm’s photos found inspiration in the album artwork of The Beatles.

An un-named partner of ours has a penchant for leaving their cherished coffee mug unattended in the office. Sometimes we will offer them a friendly reminder to keep track of their dishes.

Our firm is much more than a handful of attorneys that share the same space. We are a tight-knit group of professionals that work closely and build off of each others’ strengths.

Whether we’re on our own or with other partners, we all share a love of all that Alaska has to offer. Sometimes that means a calm evening by the Cook Inlet, and sometimes it’s a miles-long trek through the vast wilderness!

Over the years we’ve always taken care to be true to our motto – “We take the law seriously, not ourselves!”