Nenana Ice Classic

Because gambling on when winter would end wasn't bold enough.

The Science:

The river usually freezes over during the months of Oct. and November. The ice continued to get thicker throughout the winter with the average thickness being 42” on April 1st. Depending on the temperature, snow cover, wind, ETC., the ice may freeze slightly more and then start to melt. The ice melts on the top due to the weather and on the bottom due to the water flow.

The River:

The tripod is planted two feet into the Tanana river ice between the highway bridge and the railroad bridge at Nenana, just upriver from the Nenana River tributary. It is 300 feet from the shore and connected to a clock that stops as the ice goes out.


The Prize:

In 1917 railroad engineers bet $800 guessing when the river would break up. Last year, in the classic’s 103rd year, the winners shared the prize money of $311,652, $14,406,540 has been paid during the past 103 years. Payoff will be made June 1st.


Ticket Information:

Tickets are sold throughout Alaska from February 1 through April 5. A guess costs $2.50. All your tickets must be filled out with a name, address, and date and time of the guess. Put the tickets in one of the red Nenana Ice Classic cans.

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